with skincare on the go you’re battling the plane, air-conditioning, and change of climate to and fro. for me, it takes a combination of smothering my face with Ren’s Max Moisture Concentrate, sealing it in with Creme Ancienne by Fresh and drinking as much h20 possible without having to disturb the person next to me toooooo much! i come off the plane hydrated and aglow.

hand cream is a must. with all the hand washing and herban essential towelettes i go though i help my hands out with this scentless uber moisturizing Linacare Hand Therapy.

bumble and bumble’s mending shampoo, condition and complex is the Sh*t! i came back from a beach vacation with the most hydrated, non split end hair i have ever had! the entire store is obsessed with it.

for makeup i like carrying around multi-tasking products. Becca’s Beach Tint works both as eyeshadow and a highlight. Stila’s Convertible Colour gives a pop to both on my lips and cheeks. Coola lipbalm for SPF and moisture. And, finally Becca’s Automatic Eye Pencil (in brown) that i can do a tightline with or smudge out.

also, always and forever i pack sunscreen. the litre sized Coola went with on the family vacation which was brilliant and convenient. i usually carry around a smaller Coola Rose Tinted Moisturizer for the double whammy of tint and protection.